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Tawuya Katso, Ph.D.












International Development Consultant with over 20 years working in Poverty Alleviation, Rural Development, Governance, Gender and Economic Development in Africa.  My philosophy focuses on developing the individual, enabling them to articulate their environment, identify opportunities and have the freedom to make their own choices. 


The poor need a voice to express how they want to live, and what programmes they feel will lift them out of poverty.

Junior Sibanda, M.Sc









With 31 years of development experience, Junior has worked with three organizations that focus on rural development.  He has experience in agricultural extension, natural resources management, livelihoods promotion and vulnerable children.  Junior is a member of the Development Policy and Practice group of the Act Alliance, a congregation of 140 faith-based organizations. He holds a Masters in Development Studies.  Currently, he coordinates development activities in 1 of 10 provinces in Zimbabwe.   

Emmanuel Noko, B.Com (Hons)







International Development Expert with over 15 years of Poverty Alleviation Program Administration and Evaluation. Has worked in Matabeleland South, pushing for educating the youths to attain life learning skills. Very passionate about Gender Development, pushing for young girls to get educated leading to job opportunities and empowering women.  

Daniso Sibanda








International Development Officer for the past twenty years. She has worked on Rural Development programs in Matabeleland South and pushed for Gender Development and Adult Literacy Classes.

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