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Our organization seeks to empower Youths in Matabeleland South. Encourage students to stay in school, complete secondary school, vocational school and proceed to university in Zimbabwe and abroad.  These options will embolden young people to become youth leaders, advocate for communities, seek employment and create businesses. These achievements will illuminate youth potential and opportunities thereby send a positive message about what they can achieve if they stay in school.  


We intend to infuse a ‘hand up’ system that is visible, accessible, and motivational to marginalized youth.  Also, expand network of connections for young people to education, training, financial services, leadership development, and employment and self-employment opportunities in both formal and informal economic sectors.



YOSEP will help youth acquire educational and vocational skills to achieve sustainable development.  We will promote inclusion regardless of gender, religion, education, region to give all the opportunity to stay in school, realize their full potential and be stakeholders in Zimbabwe’s economic revival. 


Our History

While carrying out his field work in Gwanda in  2014, Tawuya had the opportunity to work with three development specialists - Daniso Sibanda, Junior Sibanda and Emmanuel Noko. They have worked in Matabeleland South and wanted to see sustainable development.


Sharing a passion for poverty alleviation, Tawuya, Daniso, Junior, and Emmanuel decided to respond to the deteriorating situation in Matabeleland South by creating an NGO.  They raised the question of how we would work on reducing poverty. 


They believed that there should be a NGOs implemented by people who know the needs of the residents. Growing up in Matabeleland South has given us the edge to respond to issues that will alleviate poverty in Matabeleland South.


The NGO is a platform that connects the people of Matabeleland to the international community. 

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