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Alarming Statistics:











School dropout rate:  A study carried out by The  Mopane Foundation International in June 2017 revealed that nearly 6 000 pupils dropped out of school due to lack of fees, no school uniforms, and no birth certificates.  At Secondary level, an estimated 2 000 males and 2, 500 females have dropped out of school, with 1,500 in Primary schools. For the females, this is also because of marriages and pregnancies.


Teen pregnancy: 25% of Zimbabwe's population comprises of young people aged between the ages of 15 and 19 years.  Child marriages and child sexual abuse led to unwanted pregnancies which force girls to delay or forfeit their education.


Youth unemployment - The National Association of Youth Organizations (NAYO) states that nearly 90 percent of the youth in Zimbabwe are unemployed, with Matabeleland South experiencing the same level of unemployment. 


Poverty rate: Poverty is most widespread in Matabeleland with 85% of people in Matabeleland South living in abject poverty.  Citizens often survive on one meal a day.   Ninety percent of the people go without cash income due to company closures and relocation during the past 20 years.


Message From the Executive Director


Growing up in Zimbabwe, my parents, who were both teachers in Bulawayo, taught me the value of a quality education.  They encouraged my brothers and I and their students to excel in school.  My father, born with a disability, modeled leadership, resilience, compassion, and hard work.


Naturally, I followed in my parents' footsteps.  In return, I want to foster these leadership traits to the youths in Zimbabwe.  With the social ills in Matabeleland, I want to motivate and inspire a new generation - young leaders to be change agents by engaging more in social and political activities.  


We recognize the significant role of the Youths, our future elders. Offering them opportunities to go to school allows them the freedom and ability to lead a better life, and also pass this on to their kids.  Using The Capability Theory, they have a wonderful opportunity to create their destiny.


This organization is different in that it offers the Youth a voice to be heard. All the monies raised thru donations and fundraising events go directly to the people in Matabeleland South who really need it. 


YOUR support will change their lives FOREVER!


Thank you for your support!


Tawuya Katso, Executive Director


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