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  • Sponsor a student 

  • Renovate schools.

  • Fund a teacher's salary 

  • Raise funds for YOSEP

  • Tell a friend

  • Your generous support of $2.50 a day will allow families to afford school fees. 

  •  Purchase seeds for students gardens.

  • Empower youths to own livestock.

  •  Furnish classroom desks.

  • Buy school supplies, and books.

  • Laptops

  • Address the 90% youth unemployment in Matabeleland.

  • Provide alternatives to secondary school dropout. 

  • Reduce unwanted teen pregnancy.

  • Create entrepreneurs.

  • Facilitate quality educational and agribusiness programs

  • Provide educational scholarships.

  • Develop leadership skills to support youth entrepreneurs.

  • Build resilience in communities and promote sustainability.

  • Support the construction of the dormitory for girls.






"Build someone up, 

Put their insecurities to

sleep.  Remind them they

are worthy.  Be a light in a 

too often dim world."


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